Seaside Cas Abou is soon coming...

Your Trip to Curacao 

You are considering a trip to Curacao and you wonder what the island may have to offer you.

A seaside view of the Caribbean

You are wondering if perhaps you could find a cottage with a sunset view of the ocean in a quiet natural surrounding.

Seaside Cas Abou

Stay Tuned!

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"The best parcel on the island!"

"A unique location in the world!"

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Seasidecasabou will have its very own website soon, and you don't want to be the last one on the booking list for its:
  • private chef services, 
  • private massage services, 
  • grocery and dinner delivery, 
  • photographers, 
  • dive buddies, 
  • guided excursions,  
  • 24-7 concierge assistance
  • airport transfers, 
  • optional car rental,